Security Research has been providing a Nifty Guessing application called “Nifty Guessing game” for the users analyzing and predicting the next day nifty values. Security Research team is proud to release  Nifty Guessing 1.0 for Android users, a handy solution for using Nifty Guessing services of Security Research without using mobile browser. The app comes with the special feature of allowing offline prediction.

NiftyGuessing APK Documentation User Guide Video Guide


  1. Guess the nifty values for next day.
  2. Tabular display of Guessing History of User.
  3. Tabular display of Statistics of entire month for User as well as for all other users of
  4. Tabular display of Weekly Ranking.
  5. Graphical view of User’s Guessing and Actual Market Values in form of Candle chart.
  6. Do Offline Prediction. This is interesting feature. In case of lack of internet user can do prediction and later when internet connection will be found, Value will be updated automatically

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Enable installation of applications from unknown sources on your device from the Settings/Applications menu. Download the apk on to your phone through any of the standard methods. Click the apk file from your File Manager.

App Requirements:

Name Of App: NiftyGuessingAndroidApp
Android OS supported: Android 2.3.3 and Above
API Level: 10
Size: 463KB
Access Permissions: Full Internet Access Permission

Manually tested on the following Handsets: HTC Explorer,Samsung Galaxy S-II, HTC Wildfire, Sony Xperia, Motorola.


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  1. StinkyFinger says:

    pull down this application if there is no development support

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