Security Research has been providing Interactive graphical Web Application called “TrendsInInvestment” to keep track of FII investments and their relative effects. TrendsInInvestment is now available for android users also. We are proud to release  Trends In Investment 1.0 for Android, a handy solution for viewing the trend charts and graphs on your smart-phones while you are on the go.

TrendsInInvestments APK Documentation User Guide Video Guide


  1. Consumes web services provided by Security Research for fetching the data required for graphs plotting.
  2. Provides both Equity and Derivative Plots.
  3. Allows the users to view and compare data plots over a period of time (previous one, three, six months data plots).

For more details and to leave your feedback please visit our forum.


Enable installation of applications from unknown sources on your device from the Settings/Applications menu. Download the apk on to your phone through any of the standard methods. Click the apk file from your FileManager.

App Requirements:

Name Of App: TrendsInInvestments
MD5: d1473162ee2d0693380c85b4b48c9e36
Android OS supported: Android 2.3.3 and Above
API Level: 10
Size: 416KB
Access Permissions: Full Internet Access Permission

Manually tested on the following Handsets: HTC Explorer V,  Samsung Galaxy S-II, HTC Wildfire, Sony Experia


2 Responses to Trends In Investment for Android Users

  1. Cryptic Rod says:

    Doesn't work on my Galaxy Pop. Says "Session timed out" no matter what I do.

  2. StinkyFinger says:

    pull out this application if there is no development support

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