Defense of Financial Systems

A Case for the Security of Financial Systems in India

Market Analysis Motivation

Market Analysis Application

This application is designed to give the users a better insight into the stock market. Custom portfolios, displays of  Major Indices with the ADL, marking of well known Reversal Patterns, Candlestick and Volume charts for all tickers from January 2006, Price and Volume alerts are some of the features currently deployed. You have to request access and wait for admin approval to gain access to this portal


NIFTY Guessing Game

NIFTY is the main stock index incorporating the large companies on the National Stock Exchange of India. Stock  Markets are a mirage enticing naive people from all walks of life to gamble their hard earned money. Since no qualification is stipulated as necessary, everybody looks at the theoretical returns possible  and  feels that this is where some quick money can be made.  Statistics show that an overwhelming percentage of retail users end up loosing big time.  If you still think that you can beat the odds or have found a  new algorithm, we suggest you try your luck with this game before you loose your hard earned money. In the least , you will understand the index price movement (and hence the stock market) better. You can guess the daily NIFTY Futures values and also see what the others are thinking. The weekly ranks of all the active users are displayed in a table so that a user knows where he stands.


Trends in Investment Application

For the purpose of transparency, the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) discloses data about the amount of money invested in Indian markets by the Foreign Institutional Investors and by Indian Mutual funds. This data is very valuable as it may have evidence of illegal activities and market manipulation. Hence, the data is obtained on a daily basis and monitored to search for abnormal patterns. We display that in a graphical format for the benefit of the public.


For support issues on these applications please contact [akm.14889 |  annfreeda]  at Gemail


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