Trends In Investment

It has been observed that there is a very strong co-relation between  FII investments and the Dollar-Rupee Exchange Rate. Further FII investments have been driving the Indian markets for the past few years. The participation of the domestic investors is dwarfing compared to the FIIs in the Derivatives segment. All this data is published for the public by SEBI in a tabular format.

To enable the user to analyze these trends in investments Security Research community has provided different kinds of graphical visualizations. The following are the latest versions.

TII Web ApplicationTII Android ApplicationTII Web Service and TII Sample Web Service Client.

Application Details:

  • TII Web Service  enables programmers to embed this information in their applications and websites to source data from our site.
  • TII Android application consumes the web service provided by security research. This android app “TrendsInInvestment.apk” facilitates the user to browse the investment trends using android smartphones. Users can download the android application file here.
  • To enable programmers get started on how to use the Webservice we have provided some free sample code in C# using .NET to start with.
    Note: The name Trends In Investment is a vestigial from the SEBI Table from which we source our data. Since this is a delayed display and since the site is frequently unreliable, we plan to source it from the NSE website pretty soon.

For more details please visit our forum.


TII Web Client V1.2: Added a calculator to quickly compute relevant statistics on Equity pages.

Previous Versions:

TII Web Application V1.0 and V1.1 are now deprecated and no longer available. Further the Java version also has been shelved.


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  1. Goldman says:

    I downloaded the apk file.What am I supposed to do next?

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