The tool named VirtualMachineDetect is aimed at detecting the presence of the underlying virtual machine. It can detect VMware, VirtualBox and VirtualPC.

If one of these virtual machines is found, the tool gives an option for detailed checking, where the user can carry out detailed tests based on four criteria: Hardware Fingerprinting, Registry Check, Instruction Check, and  File Check.

Eg: Tool  running in VirtualBox,

VMD in VirtualBox

VirtualMachineDetect running in VirtualBox


When the user clicks on the “Start Test” button, the tool runs a set of tests in the background based on the four above mentioned criteria.

VirtualMachineDetect detects VirtualBox

In the above figure we can see that the tool has successfully detected the presence of VirtualBox. On clicking the “Detailed Check” button, the user is directed to a new frame where he can do specific tests for detection and further analysis.

Now, the user can carry out  specific tests  and check the percentage of accuracy for each type of check, and also view the values returned by each test.

The “Interpret Result” Button describes the significance of the value returned.Similarly, tests can be carried out in Vmware and VirtualPC also. In case of a Native Machine, the tool does not provide option to do detailed check.

VirtualMachineDetect in Native Machine

The user can also change the feedback mode that he wishes to provide feedback in.

Feedback Settings

The Log files are created in %appdata%\VirtualMachineDetect. The current version of VirtualMachineDetect is specific to windows. The Linux version will be released soon.

To download the application click here. Feedback is welcome and can be posted in our forum.

Announcements regarding release of VirtualMachineDetect versions and its features can be found here.




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