Online Banking: Security Awareness Program


Internet Banking is a recent development in the Indian banking scene. Some banks rolled out this facility earlier this decade. This forced most banks to implement some sort of features using the Internet to remain competitive. The banks now heavily rely on their IT infrastructure. With more and more customers using the online banking features, it becomes very important to analyze the security of online banking websites and correct any flaws immediately. A thorough research that takes into account various details in security concepts and correlates them to the Indian banking scenario has been needed for a long time. We hope that this study conducted by the ISRL at NITK fills in this gap. A separate bank account was opened with each of these banks and a set of tests were repeated on each of these banks and based on the outcome an objective ranking has been assigned. We are now spreading awareness about the topic basing it on the findings of our research and welcome you to participate in the program.

Many mandatory security requirements such as https protocol, valid digital certificate, virtual keyboard etc were considered during evaluation. Banks with additional and innovative features such as the site key challenge etc were given bonus points. After careful analysis and using several security testing tools such as Fiddler, Exploit Me etc we came up with the ranking list. Information about various security concepts and details of our evaluation are available in our complete report.


  • If you are a bank and are not ranked in the above study, you can request an evaluation and rating to be included in the list.
  • If you are a bank who has been rated as above, you have the right to request your evaluation results under our “Full disclosure policy”. Please send us an official request with proper identification for our records and we will send the report to you free of cost. However you will not have access to the evaluation reports of any of the other banks as they are your competitors.

Retail customers

If you use online banking in any way here are some of the things that you should be doing or you may end up losing money any day.

  • Use strong passwords and manage them securely.
  • Do not bank in Cyber cafes.
  • Do not use pirated OS, pirated software, download software cracks, visit porn sites, install software and games from untrusted websites, install unknown plugins for your browser, run peer to peer sharing programs on the computers that you use for online banking.
  • Install an antivirus package and a firewall and keep it turned on at all times.
  • Pay attention to the websites that you visit and the browser warnings that pop up.
  • Report to your bank when something looks fishy.

In a hurry to finish up your task at hand do not neglect the best practices and guidelines and end up losing money. If there is an incident, the banks may not help you and will just say that it was all your fault and point you to the fine print in the “I agree” statement that you signed when you enabled your account. If you need to understand why these are important you must read our complete report.

Participate in ourĀ QUIZ to know your security quotient by answering simple questions.

We also have a story by our dear friend “Mr. Homer Simspon” about why Internet Banking is still important to us:

Click here to get our complete report.


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